Olives Sales Field Automation

CDS Co. offers advanced products customizable to align with customer needs.

A tool for effective management and applying the best practice processes.

The salesman on field can be now connected to his supervisor, product and sales manager at any time and in all work aspects.

The company focuses on the Sales Field Automation Solutions in all sectors; it was developed and supported by Android operating system. It works with two methodologies – online and offline, where the client can manage all operations such as sales, returned sales, surveys, receipts, collected inquiries, etc.

Cloud Data Solutions Company prides itself on introducing “Olives” Applications to the regional market which marks a revolution in the world of business as it is the first software to be deployed using tablet devices.

“Olives” is a reliable tool for all business owners to manage their operations in a cost-effective and timely manner. It improves the way data and information is shared between the company and all clients dealing with them as well as organizing the daily activities for employees in the field.

The application helps also the tracking of product’s shelf life and the product’s sales.

CDS Co. customizes “Olives” Applications according to any business specific needs and requirements using the latest technology and the outstanding efforts of our expert employees.

The applications is user friendly, efficient and highly effective.
Olives Auto Salesman on field doesn’t require having a big staff to embark with him on his journey or being experienced in the field as the App is supported by a GPS and a clear procedure for the client to track all activities.


When a company seeks to be distiguished from its competitors whether by its products, distribution process or after-sale service, it has become necessary to introduce technology for distinction and improvement of work quality.

Olives solutions will improve your activities throw many aspects by:
– Manage your valuable data
– Control Team & Representative activities
-Monitoring results and finding gaps
-Right decision Leading to growth your Business