Cloud Data Solutions

CDS is a leading software company founded in 2013 specialized in providing a best integrated filed automation software and other mobile software’s for various enterprises.

Technology and Smartphone usage is growing rapidly around the world. Years ago, technology use was common among young people and well-educated, however today; everyone regardless of their education, age or position has a Smartphone and is connected to internet and social media. Learn More

The increasingly dominant role smart phones are playing in users’ lives has prompted the application market to surge. The Application usage is growing, and it continues to grow each day. The increase in application usability have also contributed tremendously to the growth of already existing businesses and created opportunities for new businesses and innovative ideas to come up to the surface.

Business innovators started to look at this increase of usability as an opportunity to align their brands and services with this booming wave to improve their marketing strategy and broaden their target audiences.

Cloud Data Solutions Company (CDS) was one of the first to invest in a responsive, mobile ready application and launched Olives Field Automation Systems – Olives SFA.


Defining project goals, implementation approach, preparing Gap Analysis Plan

Gathering requirements, aligning software to requirements and perform fit / Gap Analysis, gathering available data, defining integration level with any other software, defining internal development plan, revising project scope and timeline with development estimates & finalizing testing strategy

Designing the proposed solution, creating prototypes, discussing the design with the client, preparing training plans

Software installation, configure the solution, data uploading, putting testing scenarios and perform testing

Training key users to prepare them for integration and user acceptance testing, verifying results of integration testing, validating Go Live readiness, confirming solution, procedures and end users are ready for Go Live, training end users on the new solution and business procedures and establishing production support organization and processes